Plasma man artwork

Plasma man (プラズマおやじ)is a recurring character in the goemon series, acting as the fortune teller of the game.he is well known for yelling "PLASMA!" everytime he tells the main characters their fortune.

Mystical Ninja Starring GoemonEdit

In this game plasma man makes his debut acting as the fortune teller, by paying him 10 ryou he tells hints to help the player know where to go next. After the island kyushu flies into space, he instructs the group to set out north to mount fear to find a way to kyushu. In the american and pal release plasma man's skin color was changed for unknown reasons.


plasma man in the Japanese version

Goemon's Great AdventureEdit


plasma man in goemon's great adventure

Plasma man returns once again as the fortune teller of the game, although this time the group doesn't have to pay a fee to get a fortune telling. He gives useful hints that help the player to find the passes scattered through the levels.

Goemon Mononoke SugorokuEdit


plasma man in the first stage of mononoke sugoroku

Plasma man makes a cameo in the first board of the game, he wears a red costume instead of the usual blue one.

Ganbare Goemon Ooedo DaikaitenEdit


plasma man in ooedo daikaiten

In this game Plasma man acts as the boss of the second stage.

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