Oedo castle

The fist room in Oedo Castle

Oedo Castle is the first castle in the game, and home to the Lord and Princess. It is located at the end of the Road to Oedo, in the far north stretches of the Oedo area

In the story:

The Peach Mountian Shoguns turn Odeo 'Castle in to a stage to perform on, filling it with enimies and puzzels. Goemon must go through the castle, and rescue the lord and the princess. The Peach mt. shoguns have left Baron in the castle, who's robot 'Congo' Goemon must fight against. When this is done, the Lord will give Goemon the Lords Supper Pass.

The dungeon:

The castle consists of puzzels, which mainly need the Chain Pipe to complete, all though some require jumping over gaps, and onto moving platforms. The main enimes are the Pink and Green Ball Dolls, But as the dungeon progresses, Blue Ball Dolls, and Death Star throwers become more common. Their are 4 keys, and three Silver fortune Dolls, allthough one can only be accessed when Goemon has his magic power. The castle has three floors, but the third is all to do with the final boss 'Congo'. Many rooms contain water, which makes it harder to progress.

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