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Seppukumaru is the main villain from the game Ganbare Goemon: Kirakira Douchuu. He also made an appearance in the Mystical Ninja Goemon anime, where he was the main antagonist for the first part of the series.


Seppukumaru is Lord Makuamuuge's henchman, until he is replaced by Dr. Mudanashi due to his repeated failures. At the end of most his attempts of beating Goemon and releasing Lord Makuamuuge, he usually tries to commit seppuku but fails due to the four sugagiri or random occurrences. Before being replaced by Dr. Mudanashi and Protein, he desperately asks Makuamuuge if he can finally commit seppuku. Makuamuuge simply replies "Absolutely not!" and sends Seppukumaru to the Muuge hole to repeat his training. He was voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the original version, and by David Born in the English dub. (more...)

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