I am Impact! is the theme song of Goemon Impact in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on the Nintendo 64, which plays each time Impact is summoned prior to a giant robot battle. A full version of the song[1] appears on the Mystical Ninja Official Soundtrack. In Japaenese versions of Goemon's Great Adventure, a modified version of the song is used to open giant robot battles in which Impact and Miss Impact fight side-by-side. A full version of the modified song appeared on the soundtrack to the said sequel. It is assumed that the song is sung by Goemon Impact himself, due to the deep voice and the game's suggestion that Impact is interested in the performing arts.

(Da Da Dash)

Moeru taiyou se ni ukete

Yuku zo


MACHINE ga unaru

Ore wa kikai da Tetsujin da


Ima tokihanate yo Hagane no tamashii

(Iku zee, BREAK DOWN)

Warui yatsura wo buchikowase

Hissatsu, hissatsu, genkai pawaa

da Hyakuretsu Panchi

Ore wa


Aa Impakato

(Da Da Dash)

(Da Da Dash)

Aoi unabara kakenukede



Kyodaigeda sakebu

Ore no haato wa DYNAMO da


Ima.. kagayakasero kuuru na hitomi..

(Iku zee, BREAK UP)

Muragaru teki wo uchiku dake

Hissatsu, hissatsu, saikyou pawaa

Da Hoyoyon Kikku..

Ore wa


Aa Impakuto

(Da Da Dashu)

Ai to yuuki no na ni kakete

Naze ni


Chikara no kagiri

Ore no karada wa chou goukin


Ima tachiagare yo

Daichi wo kette

(Iku zee, BREAK OUT)

Atsui chishio wo yobisamase

Hissatsu, hissatsu, bakuhatsu POWER

Da Hana kara kobanu

Ore wa


Aa Impakutoo

(Da Da Dash)

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon VersionEdit

The song that appears in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is a clipped and slightly variated version of the song found on the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Official Soundtrack - only the first verse is played, likely due to the fact that the song plays a total of three times in the game before a major giant robot battle, and playing the full version would take too much time. The song is accompanied by a video of the character summoning Impact and piloting him while the camera gives the player a tour of Impact's clockwork interior.

English TranslationEdit

In American and European copies of the game, the sequence is accompanied by English-translation subtitles of the verse of the song that plays as follows:

The burning sun gleaming on my shoulders

Here we go

Start the machine comes alive

I am machinery the metal being


Jump out into the sky

Steel spirit

(Let's go! Break down!)

And with all my might

Power to the highest limit

Super Punch!

I am the best

Yes, Impact!


The character blows the Triton Shell and Impact appears, pulling them into his mouth via a beam of green light. The character falls down what appears to be impact's trachea as the camera pans around the robot's body displaying his clockwork skeleton. The character is then pushed up behind Impact's eye in a chair, from where it is assumed the robot is piloted.

After the sequence, the player may move the N64's control stick in order to rotate, lower or raise Impact's head.

Double Impact!Edit

A modified version of 'I am Impact' is used in Japanese versions of Goemon's Great Adventure so that the lyrics state the fact that Miss Impact has now joined the fight. Like 'I Am Impact' in the first game, the song and a similar action sequence play before each giant robot battle.

External LinksEdit

  1. Full version of the song on YouTube

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