I'am the ninja of the sea yarrgh!

371px-Hitoe art

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Hitoe is a ninja you think she's a pirate Hitoe has an eyepatch on her right eye Hitoe dose not talk normal like goemon and his friends she speaks pirate talk like arrrgh! matey! Hitoe can steal treasure and sail her pirateship in the edo bay to find islands plus she has pirate stuff from other pirates like spy glasses & pirate hats & jolly rogers & diffrent kinds hooks & also eyepatchs & swords & she can make ship in a bottle sometimes Hitoe is the ninja pirate with pirate booty and it means pirate treasure in pirate talk. Hitoe also can plunder & loot she can set sail like long john sliver. Hitoe: arrgh! mateys me names hitoe skellywag lets find some pirate treasure make ye stay with sharks! yo ho ho! yar har har! I'am rich.

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Hitoe is Yae's sister she had apeard in goemon DS hitoe is called the patchy eyed ninja of oedo well it a long time a go when yae was 2 years old when her sister had two eyes then someting to her she has a big scar one her left eye the thing hitoe turned 6 when her eye is a rapped in a cast after a year hitoe is now wearing an eyepatch on her eye when she turned 7 and then her sister yae turned 6 also yae and hitoe knew karate judo tiekwondo kung fu and jujitsu in the oedo dojo sometimes hitoe can go to yoshi's island to find a yoshi.

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