• Goemon - the main protagonist and titular character of the series.
  • Ebisu - She's the best friend to the Goemon in the future. She wields the same weapons as Ebisumaru and possibly is his daughter.
  • Yui - A equivalent of Yae. She wields the same weapons as Yae.
  • Sasuke - A clockwork robot ninja. She wields the same weapons as Sasuke.
  • Hanzo - the first boss of the first stage: Haikyo.
  • Kojirou - the second boss of the second stage Yami.
  • Benkei - the third boss of the third stage Chugi.
  • Musashi - the fifth boss of the fifth stage: Oni, before the main boss: Yoshitsune's Black Impact.
  • Yoshitsune - one of the main antagonists, he was a first encountered as fourth boss of the fourth stage: Mato, and the second encountered as the giant impact called Black Impact, the sixth boss of the fifth stage: Oni.
  • Kiyohime - one of the main antagonists and final boss of the game.

Area LevelsEdit

  • Area 1 / Haikyo - Boss: Hanzo - Hanzo's Hide Impact
  • Area 2 / Yami - Boss: Kojirou
  • 'Area 3 / Chugi - Boss: Benkei - Benkei's Heavy Impact
  • Area 4 / Mato - Boss: Yoshitsune
  • 'Area 5 / Oni - Boss: Musashi - Yoshitsune's Black Impact
  • Area 6 / Naraku - Final Boss: Kiyohime

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