The second main villain in the Goemon animated series (he never makes an appearance in any of the games). Dr. Mudanashi constantly has a "hives" problem were if he sees waste he tends to get hives and has to itch it. Though Protein says that his "hives" problem is in his head.

Dr. Mudanashi's mannerisms Edit

Though Mudanashi does not suffer from suicidal thoughts like his precedent. He does however believe he has "hives", though Protein said it's all in Mudanashi's head. This is never proven nor denied, he also has anger issues.

Relations Edit

Protein- Mudanashi happens to get angry at Protein and often regrets making Protein the way he is. Though at times he seems to get along fine with Protein. Mudanashi tends to find lots of "waste" with how Protein does things or how big his muscles are.

Makuamuuge- Mudanashi tends to fear Makuamuuge, and most the time stays loyal to Makuamuuge.

Yoko- In other words, Tsukasa's mother. Mudanashi falls in love with Yoko, and finds her attractive. He does however set these feelings aside in the final episode due to his fear of Makuamuuge.

Monoshiri- Mudanashi has apparently met or heard of Monoshiri (in one episode he appears to mention him when they have never been seen together before this event). He says that Monoshiri is not a good inventor.

The four Sugagiri- Mudanashi treats the Sugagiri as slaves almost.

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